Tanning Spring Lake, NC

An exciting new way to tan!

1179 N Bragg Blvd, 
Spring Lake, NC 28390
We offer a full range of Aesthetics services from facials, waxing and massages.

$35 hour Swedish Massage

$50 hour deep tissue massage

Eyebrow waxing $7

(Inquire about other pricing)
We just took over MAD Tanning on Wednesday in the Big Lots shopping Center in Spring Lake on N Bragg Blvd. Since then....
We reduced prices. Professionally cleaned the carpets.
Replaced the bulbs - YES, NEW BULBS!!!!

We now have 2 standard lay down beds, a high pressure 
lay down bed and a high pressure stand up booth.

1179 N Bragg Blvd 
Spring Lake, NC 28390
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